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Interview with the official voice of Russian Obraz - band RIGHT HOOK


Southern Regards!
As promised before here I'm sending my promised interview regarding HOOK SPRAVA. Enjoy it and try to answer me it soon as possible.
Some matters is are really complex and polemics and I can to say you that I love these themes concerning Russian political aspects.
Really thanks for you support and interest and I would like to buy some HOOK SPRAVA cds when it will be available for.
Stay in Fight and keep the heads high!
Cheerzzz !
Thank you for your interest to our band!
We are very glad to hear from such far away place and looking forward to establish good friendship!
(интервью сделано для Бразильского зина в 2010 году)



Some contact information:
Official website – http://hooksprava.org 
E-mail: hook.sprava@gmail.com
Stay White and Proud! Let us start!
1- Southern Regards comrade!!! Welcome to the Front!
HOOK SPRAVA is a real good surprise to my ears coming from Russian stage, for sure.
Firstly, tell us something about the band's biography, current line up and others usual infos... What does exist around the HOOK SPRAVA musical conception in a main ideological matter?
Thank you very much for the opportunity to tell some words about our band, we really appreciate the invitation and will be glad to answer to your questions. First of all, we would like to send the best possible regards to those people far away from our country who will read the interview. 
Actually, the history of our band is not very complicated or exiting. RIGHT HOOK (this is the English translation of the Russian HOOK SPRAVA and we do prefer to call ourselves in Russian) had the first rehearsal on February 11, 2006 in Moscow.  So, our history is more than 4 years.
We are playing for everybody. For those who are already in movement, for those who are trying to wake up and find the only possible path forward, for those who are still sleeping. That is why our music, our lyrics are free from usual ideological schemes and stock phrases. 
We appeal and will continue to do it. Those who are lazy, indifferent and cowardly – should be overcome.
Our initial line-up was the following:
Andrey “Most” – drums
Dmitriy “Peretz” – guitars
Liudmila “Clash” – bass
Sergey “Oi-Ei!” – vocals
Since 2006 14 people played in the band.
Current line-up is:
Andrey “Gordiy” – drums
Aleksey “Yosya” – bass
Pavel – keyboards
Anton “Chekh” – guitars, vocals
Sergey “Oi-Ei!” – vocals
2 - I hear HOOK SPRAVA songs only through MySpace plateform unfortunately, so I don't know much about all HOOK SPRAVA works and all... Your music is melodic, breathtaking and powerful, it seems diferent than usual Russian Skin/Metal bands. So I would like to know about HOOK SPRAVA albums if possible. What's new concerning new tracks and further releases?
Our discography is not that huge but we have something to tell you about:
2006 – demo album. Contains 11 songs recorded in autumn 2006. Demo was issued ourselves, pure d.i.y. edition. No any copies available at the time.
2009 – “Black – White Regime” – first full-length album. Recorded in autumn 2008 – winter 2008-2009. Appeared on Blood-and-Honour Records in spring 2009. Contains 14 songs recorded in classical RAC manner.
2009 – “Above the eternal Disputes…” – second full-length album. Recorded in spring-summer 2009, appeared in late summer 2009 on Obraz Records (Russkiy Obraz special musical label). Acoustic  album is composed of 11 songs.
2009 – “Russkiy Obraz Geography. Vol.1” – concert double album appeared in network in autumn 2009 as a result of 2 concerts: acoustic in Arkhangelsk (North Russia) and full line-up in Stavropol (South Russia).
At the moment the band is working on third full-length album under the name “Biology above Ideology”. The album includes 10 songs and… we will not tell anything more)) We hope it will appear soon and promise that it will be a perfect release.
3 - What's the main inspiration around the HOOK SPRAVA's lyrical creations? Protesting lyrics, political views or cultural strife? Do you interest in political or philosophical books or others kind of aesthetical arts? What's your favorite writers and how they have influenced your cultural and ideological lyrical concept?
Very good question indeed. Actually the situation is the following as we see it. There are a lots of bands on the stage singing about the typical things. About Racial Holy war, Valkyries in the skies, Second World War, famous heroes of our Race etc. From the very beginning we tried to avoid such themes not only because there are thousands of songs and hundreds of singers but also because our aim was to play for everybody.
It is hard to imagine that average Russian guy or girl who is not involved into the movement will listen to the song about Adolf Hitler. For main part of Russians Fuhrer is the enemy defeated in the 1945. Nearly each Russian family was involved into the war and suffered from it. Song about Adolf Hitler, for example, will be listened by very limited part of the involved. That is one the reasons why the nationalists in Russia have limited support. Average population condemns the Third Reich aesthetics.
HOOK SPRAVA tries to raise the themes which could be understood by most. We try to touch the strings in everybody’s souls. It is hard to remain calm when you hear the song about lazy indifferent guy, who is hiding his eyes in case of any trouble and trembling in the hole. It is hard to lie of the dirty sofa when you hear songs about the essential things in our lives such as Dignity, Honor, Honesty, Courage. 
We do not aim to make our lyrics very complicated. Au contrary the most simple lyrics which could be digested by everybody. On the other hand we usually use comparisons, metaphors, appeals in our lyrics.
It is hard to mention some kind of list of authors/singers/bands/philosophers who influenced our works. 
We suppose that it is  easy to find the influences of many: from F.Nietzsche to Russian punk rock singer E.Letov. No any frontiers – just freedom of thinking and singing!
4 - Really I love this question and I did it for several Slav bands included in previous issues of my Mag... And for sure I will tell you one perception mine about the European identity strife nowadays. I see also a great nationalist and identity sense among the most Slavonic nations for its own historical roots, cultural ancestry, territorial borders and inherited language. An intrinsic spiritual connection among the people of every Slav countries and its most ancient values and origins spread for all European Eastern lands. Maybe something as one spiritual ETHOS in each of these Slavonic nations! This fact makes me to believe that all nationalist sense existing in these countries of ethnic Slav cultural traditions be more strong and efflorescent than in others Western European countries. Do you agree with me? In your opinion it's a true meaning of kind of Slavonic Front Alliance? The Eastern lands are the last bastion of truest Aryan European spirit in your opinion?
We are not so optimistic. Particularly about the possible union within some kind of Slavonic front. As too many contradictions exist. Czech do not like Slovaks, lots of Ukrainian nationalists do not like Russians, Pole do not like Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Russians, Serbs hate Croats and so on. And we can say it is not only the governments which stir up the hate between our nations. The radical nationalists in each country always work on it. Unfortunately. As we used to live close to each other for many centuries there are for sure some moments in our mutual history which should better be forgotten. But we have escalation, mutual accusations, tons of respective literature, songs, appeals. Who pays them for that shitty exhumation?
From our side we can state that we have certain contacts with Slavonic people. Historically we have good relationships with Serbs. All adequate nationalists all over the white world should understand one axiom – we are very few, our enemies works all day and night long to make us separate and in case we will try to find stupid reasons to hate whites in neighborhood we will soon die away and this Planet will keep turning around without white women’s beauty, white children’s laugh, white men’s virtue.
5 - The cultural struggle preservation concepts consists like something really important ideas nowadays, and I have seen many peoples and bands defending their national history, traditions, language and inherited identity through this, do you agree? Anyway I really don't think that attitudes like that will save the World, but it's already can show us an exemplary way of life!
Do you see this new cultural process as an opposition against the cosmopolitan and Zionist multicultural dying values?
You are absolutely right. It is impossible to imagine the pure Nationalist without any understanding of National history, traditions, language etc. You can call yourself the Nationalist but if you do not know the answers to simple questions on your country’s history – stop and start your education. If you can not speak your own language properly, if you do not know your ancestors, - then you are not Nationalist, you just shaved your head and put on Dr.Martens boots. 
The rebirth of national memory, national identity goes together with permanent cultural struggle. Nowadays in Russia we can see the mighty ideological war against Russian history. For many years (since the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 on the state level, even earlier – from 1985 – beginning of “perestroika” period) mass media put tons of efforts to slander each period of Russian history, to show Russians as the crowd of constantly drunk lazy bastards. 
This is a real war against us. From each and every TV set, from magazines, radio. Liberals, dissidents, human rights activists and other anti-Russian sponsored agents. Our sacred task is stay tall against all odds and save the true history, true traditions of our people. To glorify Russian heroes, to show the genuine richness of Russian history, to reply adequately to each dirty challenge of black haired and long nosed Russophobes.
That is why we are absolutely sure that not only solid fist but also clear mind and national memory will lead us to National Russian State.
6 - This is one pertinent conversation to me, maybe isn't interesting to you, and really I love this question. Anyway the NS ideals have shown spread out in the last times mainly into musical aspect, at case in Skin Rock & Metal stage mainly... The ascending reaffirmation of this ideological concept in the strong ones brings us some absent values in our current modern society, values that praises the history of a lost ethnic-cultural ancestry and the nationalisms alive against the Jewish influence, against the virus of an equality democracy and its ''inverted'' version converted in a utopian Marxist way of life! The NS concept consists in nowadays like a sword against this degenerated filthy new world and its current stupid scum human race!
What're your vision about the NS ideals and these aspects detailed above?
We do prefer to call ourselves Russian nationalists but anyway in this context Nationalism, NS ideals sound the same. Just little lyrical digression))
Music is just the mean of propaganda and there is no doubt that powerful merge of lyrics and music can change the way of thinking. But music is the only way of struggle. As we live our lives in permanent understanding of necessity to resist what you called above as “degenerated filthy new world” we try to use all methods and ways. It is Internet for sure – thousands of forum, social networks, sites. It is hard to imagine what could we do without Internet. That is why our enemies finally understood the danger and here, in Russia we have precedents when young guys have been arrested just for records in their blogs. 
Everyday constant communication with friends, colleagues at work, parents – the thing is worth the effort. 
We do not want to become dumb vegetables on the fields of globalization. As it was said some time ago by Joe Rowan from “Nordic Thunder”: “As long as we keep fighting – our Race will never die!”
7 - Do you think that values included inside the Neo-NS/Patriotic thoughts can be absorbed by Russian youth in a wide scale, I mean, social responsibility, nationalism, inherited ancestry and racial discernment  against the dirty virus of international mass media in its un-natural propaganda of liberal consumerism, "free love" and drugs alienation? I mean, do you think that is possible a kind of strong National Movement striving for these values or simply dignity, overcoming bravery against the obstacles of pro Zionist multicultural values?
Difficult question to answer. The thing is that latest history shows widely that the main part of population (including youth) is not interested in anything besides their lives. It could be acceptable in case the understanding of “life” is correct. But main part understands life as the possibility to eat, to drink, to entertain, to have sex. Job, for sure, because all mentioned above is not for free. And that’s it. No brotherhood, no responsibility, no dignity, no honor. 
The huge propaganda machine which never existed before works 24/7 on the souls and minds in order to create the new race: indifferent obedient silent creatures with wounded souls and broken minds. Unfortunately we have to confess that the machine is very effective.
On the other hand the history is not the object of mass activities. Groups, parties, elite – are subjects of history. That is why we always appealed to everybody who can understand Russian but we do understand clearly that the widest movement (like it was in 1930-1940 in Germany) is impossible. Too many things to be afraid of, too many sides of life to be concerned of, too much indifference and cowardice.
The statistics shows the powerful upsurge of nationalistic ideas within Russian population. Up to 65-70% support “Russia for Russians!” slogan. It is several tens of million people all over Russia. Do you see them struggling for their words? We do not. In case all opposition to the present order are the drunk conversations at the kitchen – then…
Sounds little bit pessimistic but it is better to realize the reality than to hide it under bravado. 
8 -HOOK SPRAVA members are involved in any political or cultural organizations?
Actually HOOK SPRAVA is the official voice of RUSSKIY OBRAZ (Russian Image – rus-obraz.net).
Russkiy Obraz is Russian Nationalist organization which unites active young people all over Russia.  From the very beginning till the present time our band works in the course of Russkiy Obraz ideological strategy. This means that the lyrics, concert activities, interviews etc. are always in line with basic concept of Russkiy Obraz which can briefly be described as Russian nationalism free of stupidity, blinkers and eternal limitations and disputes. 
We respect our History, our Ancestors and our Freedom. We respect those who try to live own life but not dwelling in a hole. We are searching for youth with critical thinking. We are aiming to build our own country, our own society in our own way. In Russian way. 
At the present time Russkiy Obraz has several humanitarian programs in force such as Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) support, historic landmarks maintenance, support of orphans in orphanages (Russkiy Obraz – to Children project).
For the Russian Image of Russia!
9 - I'm an ethnographycal studious in themes related to Russia Federation nowadays, and I could to detach many significant different ethnic traces in whole Russian federal territories. I know there're many authonomous republics with their original ethnologic traces and original culture, many times including non Slav peoples, almost a kind of "racial babylon" with many countries and ethnic peoples inside only ONE country: Chechens; Buryats; Bashkirs; Tartarians; Ingushes; Chuvashes; Karelians; Ossetians; Adygeans... mongoloids from Tuva, Altai, Iakutia (Sakha), Niniets,etc... I know that exist many separatist intentions in these republics because there are some cultutal struggles there. 
So, I would like to know your opinion about this diversity around whole federal Russian soil. What's the feeling of peoples from Moscow about these non Slav peoples in others republics of mother Russian domains?
You are absolutely right. Russian Federation has incredible amount of ethnic unions, nationalities, minorities. But first of all it should be understood very clearly that in accordance with U.N.O. legislation the Russian Federation can not be declared multiethnic country as around 82% of the population are Russians (in accordance with the results of last general census of the population). In case more than two thirds of the population belong to the titular ethnic group then the country is not polytechnic. Then all these wonderful people that you mentioned above make only 20% of the whole population. We have the huge problem of illegal immigration but this is not the topic of the question.
We do believe that the non-Russian native population should be divided into 3 groups: 
- those who are friendly to Russians as titular ethnic group;
- those who can live with Russians in relative peace;
- those who are hostile to Russians.
No any other division is applicable. We are Russians, our ancestors created and developed the State, we are the essential productive force of the country and the attitude to us is the only measure. Lot of peoples in Siberia for example are very few (down to 1-2 villages). Nobody ever said a bad word to them. They live on their places, we help them to save their traditions and history. Some white peoples were nearly assimilated by Russians (like Chuvashes, Karelians, Mordvines etc.). We used to live in peace.
Definitely there is certain number of minorities which are hostile. Yes, we are talking about Caucasus peoples, guys from Tuva, Tatars and little less Bashkirs. In case Tatars, Bashkirs, Tuvinians live mostly at their places and the main problem is the infringement of rights of Russians in their national republics.
The other case are Caucasians. Especially those who are Muslims. Despite of the situation that no any Russians remain in their small but proud republics (mostly killed or banished) thousands of them come to our cities: Moscow, saint-Petersburg, other big centers. No assimilation, total hate, strong unity, aggression. Mass fights, rapes, profanations. And in case of incident with participation of these black haired guys we read about some “hooliganism”, but in case of repulse from Russian side the mass media always starts to cry about “awful disgusting Russian fascism”. That is the life in our country.
10 - Recently, there was another bomber attack in Moscow, two "women bomb" destroyed two subway cars killing several people. There are suspicions about Islamic militants in Dagestan and Chechnya. However Kremlin authorities can not prevent immigrants from the ethnic Federation's neighborhoods have access to crucial points in cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow.
What's you opinion about that events? Independence for these people is the only solution?
Important question. First of all we all sympathize with the victim’s families about the loss of their relatives. If it is possible we will not answer your question directly as the last bomber attack as well as others are very complicated question. In case we have only one aggressor that will be very much simple. This is the case with many unknown quantities.
But we have the question of the Caucasus in whole. You are absolutely right – being the part of the Russian Federation these people have many opportunities as the citizens of RF. That is not the secret that all the regions in the south with non-Slavonic population are subsidized. Subsidized at the expense of Slavonic regions. From 60% of the regional budget up to 100%. That is not the secret that people who are coming to our cities from these regions cause a lot of problems being absolutely intolerant to the native population. Criminal, drug-dealing, slavery, prostitution, intensity in the public places etc. They are motivated, totally alien, united. In case of preservation of the current dynamics we envisage huge permanent conflicts in the nearest future on the streets of our cities like it was with Arabians in France. 
What is the solution? We can write tons of lines, speak thousands of words – nothing will change. The problem exists at macro and micro level. From the macro point of view everything is evident – the power we have does not want to solve the questions just considering the Slavonic population as the mean of self-enrichment. From micro point of view Russian guys have to be strong and not to hide, have to take up the glove and show these impudent mountain dwellers their place.
Independence… And what about the construction of solid border, the presence of hords on our streets? Russia and Azerbaijan are two separate countries for twenty years already… But we have more than 2 million very friendly guys from this country in Moscow…
11 - The Russian Skin scenery very well developed in several sides with many Orgs and groups/bands... Of course I have my preferred ones like the "legend" KOLOVRAT; VANDAL; ROSSIA, RUSSKIY STYAG ; ANTISYSTEM and HOOK SPRAVA of course, together with hundreds of Heathen Metal bands from your country like TEMNOZOR; BRANIKALD; VELIMOR; ARKONA; LUTEN; WEWELSBURG, VARYAG...!
What's you opinion about the new Russian stage and what groups/bands you support and what you want to smash?
Yes, you named a lot of good bands of the Russian RAC/Hatecore/Oi/NSBM scene. Everyone has a real opportunity to find a good quality music and lyrics in accordance with musical taste. From the beginning of 2000 the scene is rapidly developing, old bands remain on-line and new bands appear.
The issues we would like to raise in response to your question are the following: quick disappearance of the bands and lack of quality.
Due to the fact that playing the music of our style is quite hard in the Russian Federation a lot of bands just flash with one album and disappear. No concerts, just closed gigs for reliable lads, police oppression etc. – do not lead to the constant and quiet development of the musical band: with concerts, good PR and presence in Internet, quality studios and recording possibilities. 
All mentioned above result also the lack of quality of recording we used to hear. There is no doubt that Russian scene has certain number of bands which play very professionally. With perfect lyrics, great rendering. Mostly it concerns NSBM bands in Russia  and Ukraine which are really professional. But great number of bands do not have enough professionalism/money/possibility to record good material – sometimes only a huge desire to play. 
We do not think it is bad. Not at all. We are sure that even bad homemade material is worth listening in case it was recorded by honest people.
12 - In a musical side, what're your favorite's bands worldwide? Do you like of others kind of musical appeal as Neo-Folk, Dark Wave, Martial Music or Identity Rock?
Our musical tastes are not limited by Right Scene. Honestly, there is less songs of Right bands than others in our playlists. If we exclude disgusting pop, black rap, r’n’b, soul and black jazz – everything which remain is worth listening. Classic Rock, Hard Rock, all types of Metal music, Punk, Post-Punk, Folk, Ska, white rap, Alternative, Hardcore, Metalcore and many-many more. From Beatles to As I Lay Dying, from King Crimson to Nokturnal Mortum, from Exploited to Russian Folk songs. 
But Rock music in classical understanding prevails))
13 - What's you opinion about:
A) - Europe
C) - Moscow
D) - Hooligans
E) - Nuclear Weapons
We will try to answer shorter))
A) The part of the world Russian history is deeply connected with. In cultural, economical, political, racial and military plans. We saw lots of troubles from Europe (in case we talk about Western, Central and East Europe) including invasions, but at the same time Russians – are white Europeans and Russian history, genesis and sources of Russian people can not be imagined with this sacred word – Europe…
B) The beauty of each European nation should not be eliminated. If E.U./NATO have the definite targets to struggle with while keeping the European diversity safe – we would be glad. But Europe is becoming black and yellow, crosses keep substituting to stars and half-moons, Russia is considered as the enemy – the targets are false and the results could be seen with the naked eye…
C) Moscow is our native city. No matter how awful it looks like now and how difficult it is to live here. Moscow is composed of 125 districts and believe us, each of Muscovites loves his/her “small homeland” very much. 
D) If you mean soccer/ice hockey etc supporters under “hooligans” – our opinion is “No one likes us – we don’t care!” Good indeed to keep yourself and Ministry of internal affaires in tonus!
E) We all will die but if it will be accompanied by colorful fireworks))) Just a joke! Russia has nuclear weapons and we suppose it is one of the key reason for the fact that Russia is still not divided into parts… 
14 - Last question... but you think that the Europe should be more than one simple word and to require its greatness becoming one mighty symbol again? In your opinion, Europe and the Aryan World will survive during more 20 or 30 years?
As long as we keep fighting our Race will never die ©
The Europe and what we all mean under this word is lost. After the Second World War the face of Europe changed a lot. Europe of the beginning of XX century and Europe nowadays are two different worlds. Can you imagine Arabian pogroms in France or gay parades in Holland in 1910 for instance? 
But we should not complain, recall the old Europe. We live in complicated world and the situation requires us to stay tall and keep our heads high. If you want to spare yourself – will be eaten by strong enemy. We are living is very dramatic йpoque when the question of White human existing has arisen before us. 
We will not restore Europe as we want it to be. To believe in Revolutions and revolts of satisfied population is at least stupid, 95% will dwell in their houses, trying to concentrate on just one thought: “It is not my house which was burned, it is not my daughter who been raped, it is not my son who became drug addict, it is not me who have to do something…”.
But some humans still remain. We have to communicate with each other, unite before the terrible enemy, make our own mutual business, kindergartens, schools etc.. Create commonages which all-round bail. Help each other. 
And may be the territory is lost but Europe and Values of White people will remain in our hearts.
15 - Okay Bro, thanks a lot for your words... The space below is yours.
Southern Regards and keep the Fight!
We would like to thank you for the opportunity.
It is very, very right politics to make us nearer no matter where do we live.
It is so good when you come far away and need support. And you know that even in South America you have people who you know. 
All the best to the readers of your Mag!
And let the traitors decay
With closed eyes and murdered soul!
Those who the blood have betrayed
And who have played the slavish role!
I’m waiting for eclipse in minds
When all the bills should be paid
Because is coming from the ice
Our Polar Reich!
© Hook Sprava “Polar Reich”